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Men and women are socialized differently as children and adolescents and this explains an aspect of adult bargaining behavior. Gender differences is the most researched individual difference topic in negotiation. Research tended to yield contradictory findings while some suggests that there is little difference between male and female negotiators. Other research suggest that there is significant difference between male and female negotiators.


  • understand the distinction between sex and gender
  • explore alternative conceptual approaches to gender and social interaction
  • consider differences in how men and women negotiate, and in how they are treated by others in negotiation
  • gain ways to overcome negotiation disadvantages that result from gender differences and stereotypes

Chapter 15: Individual Differences II: Personality and Abilities


  • Understand why personality and ability differences in negotiation have been difficult to uncover.
  • Explore specific personality traits that influence negotiation behaviors and processes.
  • Consider the role of native cognitive and emotional abilities in negotiation encounters.
  • Gain insight into how behaviors of expert negotiators differ from those of less experienced negotiators.