4 6 pages case analysis 1


Provide an executive summary (key Issue, Analysis, Recommendations and expected outcomes)

Define the problem or opportunity to be analyzed

Develop at least two relevant and balanced analysis, can be either company analysis or industry analysis (note SWOT and PEST are insufficient, but a good place to start)

Identify recommended alternative solution and discuss issues related to implementation.

Analyze alternatives in context with defined criteria

As you read the Fitbit Case, please answer the following questions within your analysis:

  1. What are the characteristics of the wearable device market?
  2. What competitive advantages does Fitbit possess?
  3. What advantages do the competitors, named in the case, have in the wearable device market? What other brands (not mentioned) have similar advantages that could give them the potential to enter the market?
  4. Comparing the positioning strategies adopted by each competitor, which one do you think will be the most effective? Is there room for more than one player in the market?