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4 page paper ( For Pro Dan)

I need someone to write a 4 page paper on a case scenario in which you are the therapist for a couple or family who have experienced family violence. The vignette can be fictional—from a movie, television program, or a book—or based on a real life situation that you are aware of. The person should be from a gay and lesbian family and include key family members (as clinically indicated and appropriate) in treatment.  1. Discuss how you will prepare for this session. 2. What type of background research will you conduct in order to become familiar with the key cultural and contextual attributes of the presenting couple or family? 3. Based on the readings, what type of information will you collect from your clients? 4. Why do you think this information is relevant? 5. Keeping in mind that your client(s) belong to a special population, what are some systemic considerations you will need to be aware of when working on this case? 6. Discuss any ethical dilemmas or considerations that you might come across. 7. What do you expect will be the outcome of this session? 8. Conclude with a description of your reaction to this process.

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