4 questions in commuinication

Need to answer 4 questions by reading chapter four of the attached.

1. A great deal of research has discredited

many of the findings from the Hawthorne

studies. Given this research, why were the

Hawthorne studies influential when they

were conducted? Are they still influential

today? Why or why not?

2. In jobs you have had, what aspects of the

workplace did you find particularly satisfy-

ing? What role did managers have in making

the organization a satisfying place? How do

your experiences, then, fit in with the ideas

of Abraham Maslow and Douglas


3. In Chapter 2, we noted that the classical

approach follows a machine metaphor, and

in this chapter, we associated human rela-

tions theorists with a family metaphor. What

metaphor would you use to describe the

human resources approach? What are the

strengths and weaknesses of the metaphor

you propose?

4. Is the human resources approach more

appropriate for some kinds of jobs and

organizations than others? Why or why not?

Can human resources principles be adapted

for a variety of workplaces?