answer the questions of noise measurement


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  • OSHA regulations
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1- According to OSHA, what changes in audiogram will trigger 300 log requirement?

2- Please specify the anatomical structures of the ear where sensorineural hearing loss occurs.

3- List at least 4 chemicals having ototoxicity.

4- List anatomical structures of the ear where sound can be amplified. (use the paper attached in and my leacture handout)

5- According to OSHA, a standard threshold shift is an average decrease of _______ dB or more in the 2,000, 3,000, and 4,000 bands.

6- List the OSHA mandatory standards for audiometric test.

7- What is audiometric zero?

8- The functions of cochlea:____________

9- Identify two occupational causes that can lead to tinnitus.

10- According to CDC/NIOSH, approximately how many workers in the U.S. are affected by noise?

11- Please specify the anatomical structures of the ear where conductive hearing loss occurs.

12- What is Presbycusis?

13- What are two common type of hearing loss caused by noise exposure?

14- What type of conduction testing is required by OSHA during audiometric test?

15- Identify a research paper and explain in your own words why men have higher risk of hearing loss than women. Include the reference source in APA format.

16- According to OSHA requirement, can you use an age adjustment when determining whether the employee’s total hearing level is 25 dB or more above audiometric zero? You need to cite the standard number to support your conclusion.

17- Please discuss how hydraulic amplification apply to improve hearing?