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(Ashford) BUS 308 (Statistics for Managers) Course Material A+ Graded

BUS 308 Week 1

Discussion Question 1:

Data Scales

A marketing agency is interested in the buying habits of those who shop online versus those who shop in person.  In your discussion post, address each of the following and explain your reasoning as to why you picked the specific scale:

Discussion Question 2:

Week 1 DQ 2 (Probability)


·         ASHFORD BUS 308 Week 1 Problem Set Week One.

·         ASHFORD BUS 308 Week 1 Quiz 10 Q’s & A’s.


BUS 308 Week 2

Discussion Question 1:


Imagine a shift manager at a manufacturing plant is gathering data on the number of units workers assemble during two different shifts over 10 different days.  If the number of units assembled by each shift varies greatly from day to day, what impact will that have on the likelihood of a significant difference between the two shifts? 
Explain and support your response.

Discussion Question 2:

Week 2 DQ 2 (ANOVA Testing).


·         ASHFORD BUS 308 Week 2 Journal.

·         ASHFORD BUS 308 Week 2 Problem Set Week Two. (500+ Words)

·         ASHFORD BUS 308 Week 2 Quiz (10 Q’s & A’s).






BUS 308 Week 3

Discussion Question 1:

Interval Data

A courier service in a large city tracks the number of deliveries they are asked to make by 10 clients both before and after offering a progressive discount for repeat business.  Their goal is to assess the effects of the discount.  
What is the most appropriate statistical test in this situation?

  1. Are there significant differences in the number of deliveries?
  2. If the goal is to promote repeat business, should the discount be continued?

Discussion Question 2:

  1. Which type of correlation procedure would be most appropriate to gauge the relationship between each pair of variables?
  2. Do you expect each pair of variables to be significantly correlated or not? Why?
  3. For the variables you expect to be significantly correlated, what do you expect the direction of the relationship to be? Why?

·         ASHFORD BUS 308 Week 3 Evaluation of Correlations. (1000+ Words)

BUS 308 Week 4

Week 4 Discussion Question 1:

Simple Regression Analysis

  1. Is the correlation between number of sick days and number of customer complaints statistically significant?
  2. What is the best prediction for the number of complaints that will be registered for an installer who takes five sick days during the period?

Week 4

Discussion Question 2:

Multiple Regressions Analysis

Develop a multiple linear regression equation that describes the relationship between tenure and the other variables in the chart above. Use the Analysis Toolpak located in Excel to perform this multiple regression.  

Do these two variables explain a reasonable amount of the variation in the dependent variable?

·         ASHFORD BUS 308 Week 4 Problem Set Week Four.

·         ASHFORD BUS 308 Week 4 Quiz (10 Q’s & A’s).

BUS 308 Week 5

Discussion Question 1:

Confidence Intervals

A hardware retailer has average sales of $64,235 with a standard deviation of $5,918 for a 12-month period.  The mean monthly sales for all retailers in the chain are $59,844.  Is this hardware retailer’s sales significantly different from all retailers in the chain at p= .05? Are they significantly different at p= .01? Calculate a .95 confidence interval for the data in problem.

Explain your findings and determine what question the confidence interval answers.

Discussion Question 2:

Correlation and Confidence Intervals

A car dealer is using the number of years customers have owned their vehicles to predict how long it will be before they elect to replace them.  The correlation between the two is rxy = -.723 (the longer they have owned their present vehicles, the more quickly they are expected to replace them).  The other relevant data are as follows for 32 customers:

Based on the information above, answer the following questions:

  1. How long is the time to expected replacement for a customer who has owned a vehicle 6.5 years?
  2. Calculate .95 and .99 confidence intervals and explain your results.
  3. How will a larger standard deviation in the criterion variable affect the width of the confidence intervals?  Why?
  4. Guided Response:  Review several of your classmates’ postings.  Respond to at least two classmates by commenting on whether or not you think there is a larger difference for the standard deviation.  Explain how this data might impact business decision-making.

ASHFORD BUS 308 Week 5 Final Paper (Predictive Sales Report) (1700+ Words)

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