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Capstone 5 : Peer Discussion Responses

In response to your peers, offer feedback on their implementation and ways to improve their program proposals.

Post # 1

Dolan Newell 

Hi all,

Program Proposal: Ensuring Trans BIPOC patients receive the same health services through a care continuum focused on quality outcomes consistent with non-minority counterparts.

Areas of Activities: Healthcare services would be introduced to include desired transgender program outcomes for; hormone therapies for transition plans, speech therapy plans, gender reassignment surgeries, bone health, cardiovascular health, fertility options, mental health mechanisms, variations in service comparatively between Caucasian and BIPOC patients . The blueprint of quality measurements should be related to 1) importance 2) reliability or validity 3) ease of understanding and 4) feasible ability of collection of data and scientific calculation (Rose et al., 2021) . Secondary factors to include ensuring the volume of the criteria presents measurable data, and also considerations of the end results as compared to the initial patient expectations of the services . 

Achieving Objectives: The complex plan for Trans services should be evidence based or from experts in the field of study.  Qualitative and quantitative factors should align results of the program based on tangible categorical variances in care as it relates to areas of service to include hormone services for male-to-female (MTF) and female-to-male (FTM), bone strength (original gender has implications), cancer screening (less likely to be ordered for Trans patients), fertility aspects (FTM considerations) mental health outcomes (completed through depression screenings), and sexual reassignment surgeries for both identified genders. While sexual reassignment surgery can imply sexual components, it also has considerations related to cosmetic factors in both categories which allow the individual to socially adapt to their identified gender (Zavlin et al, 2018). Variances in all categories should be documented for the purposes of care; however, additional considerations should be reviewed in Caucasian and BIPOC populations. (Rose et al., 2021). Any significant statistical data should guide adaptations in the current program, or promote change within the Trans BIPOC program. 


Rose, A. J., Dunbar, M. S., Hughto, J. M. W., & Jasuja, G. K. (2021). Conceptual approach to developing quality measures for transgender patients. BMC Health Services Research, 21(1), 1–9.

Zavlin, D., Schaff, J., Lellé, J.-D., Jubbal, K. T., Herschbach, P., Henrich, G., Ehrenberger, B., Kovacs, L., Machens, H.-G., & Papadopulos, N. A. (2018). Male-to-Female Sex Reassignment Surgery using the Combined Vaginoplasty Technique: Satisfaction of Transgender Patients with Aesthetic, Functional, and Sexual Outcomes. Aesthetic Plastic Surgery, 42(1), 178–187.

Post #2

Karen Vo

Hi Class,

My final project proposal will be aimed towards increasing access to, providing education for and maintaining records of vaccination rates for children under 18 years of age at Boston Children’s Hospital. 

Some activities that will lead to achieving the objectives of our program proposal include using tools such as the EPIC System, the EHR and data analytic tools to determine which communities in Boston may need additional resources for immunizations based on prior patient history. Some actions from the analysis that the hospital finds could also assess the need for vaccines in Boston neighborhoods. From there, the organization can work with surrounding communities to open additional sites for vaccination to increase availability and raise awareness about the importance of immunization. Once the locations are settled, the activities that follow include contacting families and patients to schedule flexible times and dates for their child/ children to get vaccinated in a location that is convenient for them. Other work goals to consider include providing vaccinations to individuals in priority neighborhoods and providing adequate education and pro-vaccination information to resistant families. Vaccination rates including how many patients get vaccinated as well as which vaccines are obtained will be recorded. 

In this stepwise process, both the hospital and the patients are benefiting from the organization and objectives of the program proposal. Use of readily available hospital resources will support the budget set aside for this project and will utilize the staff that the hospital currently has. These methods will all provide a better idea of the patient population at BCH as well as increase the rate of vaccination at the hospital.

Thanks all, 


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