com3326 summary about article

1. Use bullet points and not paragraphs for variables and measures (methods). For example:
For variables: list and define a variable then skip a line and define the next variable. Do the same for measures- list the variable then how it’s measured with a description then skip a line and list the next measure.

2. Results- Re-list the hypotheses or RQs. For hypotheses- at the beginning state supported or not supported. There is no reason to give long paragraphs in this section. I will not read long paragraphs and will not give any points for long paragraphs in this section.

For RQs- paragraphs are accepted as long as you report the answer to the research question.

3. Analysis/Discussion: A short paragraph here is acceptable. Skip a line then have a Limits section. Skip a line and have a Future Research section. (Summarize)