communication plan amp bad news email

TWO Part Assignment

Part 1) Create a Communication Plan (see grading guide attached)

Indicate the frequency and type of communication appropriate for each stakeholder (project sponsor, head of technology, and head of finance).

E-mail each stakeholder to determine their specific reporting needs.

Provide options and examples for the stakeholders in order to provide context.

Give at least two specific suggestions and examples of the type of information a stakeholder might find on a report that would be of interest to them (examples: WBS, weekly status report, etc. Provide a template copy of a status report as an example).

Research the types of information in which these stakeholders might be interested (other than the examples given above).

Draft one e-mail to each stakeholder.

Include the drafts as part of one document. Each draft needs to be around 350 words and have examples mentioned and submitted, along with your e-mail drafts. All of your emails, Communication Plan Matrix, and other deliverables should be submitted in a single document,

Part 2) Compose a 700 “Bad News” email

Draft an e-mail to one of the stakeholders from the Week 4 Communication Plan Matrix assignment in order to deliver “bad” news. For example, maybe their requested communication is not something you can provide, the project has gone over schedule, or something else that fits their needs.

Include highlights of the project, as well as the areas of concern, and propose your solutions to the stakeholder for correcting the issues found.

Format a professional e-mail of approximately 700 words to a stakeholder that lets them know the issues at hand.

** See both grading rubrics attached