communications matrix

Use the Communications Matrix template to complete a communications matrix for your team project. Be sure to take into consideration ideas regarding purpose, structure, methods, and timing for each communication need and describe the communications technology you will use. Use mostly familiar methods, but also use at least one method that is new to your team.

Frequently asked questions are: “What is the learn from?”, “What is the share with?”, and “Who is the owner?”

The ‘learn from’ is where you need to indicate what you will need to learn from the stakeholder during the project execution. For example, if my project is a wedding and the bride’s parents are paying for the wedding then the bride’s parents would be a stakeholder and the learn from might be the budget. The ‘share with’ is where you need to indicate what you will need to share with the stakeholder in order to keep them adequately informed during the project. Keeping with the above example, you would likely share with the bride’s parents information on budget versus actual expenditures, information on deposits due and final payments due.