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Overall, draft of your Formal Presentation is nice and well-written. It contains valuable information on pertinent issues relating to Courtelaney Pass Community.

Essentially, this draft of your formal presentation discussion assignment asks for a summary background of what happened, why they happened, outcomes, what you have done, what you still need to do … etc to solve all of the problems of Courtelaney Pass from the vantage point of the role you selected.

You need a cover slide for your work . Please use appropriate illustrations like pertinent pictures to help hold the attention of your audience. Be sure to cite your sources in your slides so your audience can research further if they want. Support your work appropriately. Make sure you meet the minimum deliverable length – cover and references do not count. Post more substantive response posts or comments.

I posted major requirements for ppt. assignments in our Course Material Folder and uploaded announcements. I expect full compliance with these requirements in module 8 Formal Presentation Assignment so please visit our Course Material Folder immediately.