Creating a Solution


Please make sure you read and follow the assignment carefully and answer everything with enough information needed I have attached the case of Sheldon that you will need to complete this assignment. Original work please Thanks.

The multidisciplinary approach provides the framework to reach collaborative recommendations and solutions to problems or issues. This approach provides a step-by-step process to reach decisions, and provide recommendations and solutions that are beneficial to the client. The multidisciplinary approach provides a comprehensive outcome because it involves hearing from a full range of the professionals on a team. The first four steps of the multidisciplinary approach were:

  • Gathering information: You approached the problem initially by informing yourself, and collecting data and information that helped you understand the problem.
  • Synthesizing and analyzing ideas: You were able to create a clear problem statement by determining the main issue and the main client.
  • Collaborative discussion: You participated in one or more discussions involving professionals and clients, taking care to pool information and perspectives, then moving toward capturing the characteristics of an effective solution.
  • Developing recommendations to address the course of action: Now your job is to define in writing what an effective solution would look like.

This assignment focuses on defining the recommendations that would constitute an effective solution. At this phase of the process, it is important to keep in mind that recommendations need to be clear, concise and aligned with the course of action determined by the collaborative group. It is also important to keep in mind that recommendations can address the problem at an individual level, policy level or procedural level.

For this assignment, imagine that you serve on the multidisciplinary team of Riverbend City professionals, working with the case of Sheldon Greenberg and his family. Write a 1,250-word paper in which you accomplish the following:

Explain how the steps in the multidisciplinary approach impact the effectiveness of the recommendations process:

  • How were the steps carried out and what impact did this have on the final recommendations?
  • Why does following the steps of the multidisciplinary approach lead to more effective solutions?

Create recommendations for the Sheldon case. In this section also include an analysis of how each recommendation will address a component of the course of action.

Summarize the critical elements of the recommendations. What does a recommendation need to include to be effective?