Cultural Analysis Paper about Asian civilization


You will be given 1 text and 1 object, then produce a cultural analysis that debates what your chosen text and object tells us about Asian civilization.

For the Cultural Analysis, you should do additional research from at least three scholarly resources (ie. peer- reviewed and reputably published books or articles).

You should select sources that either relate to a single site that we have studied or to one the following themes: Religion and Belief systems; Family and Gender; Politics and Empire; Trade and Foreign Relations; Culture and Literature; Self and Society.

The paper should be in Word or similar format (not pdfs), 4-5 pages, numbered, double-spaced in 12pt font with 1” margins, and contain a title that includes the chosen theme and the chosen site.

You should use the Chicago Notes and Bibliography Style for citations.

Specific instruction is given in the file I uploaded. The paper should be original and organized.