customer success management and saas writing an interview report for event attending 1

Writing an interview report for event attending about Customer Success Management.

This is the person that I am interviewed with during the event. He is one of the speakers in the event.

Finding his information at his Linkedin :

The company website:

For this Response Post, you are tasked with conducting an informational interview with a CSM to understand who they are and what they do. Your response should be summarized into an essay of 500-1500 words.

You are free to organize your essay as you see fit, but note that it should include the following information:

Name and job title of interviewee

Background (education, experience, skills, and qualifications) that helped them obtain their current role

Name of their company along with a brief description of the company’s market offering (products and/or services, target customer, etc), age and size, and rough cost

Description of their portfolio of customers (how many, what they have in common, etc)

Description of their job responsibilities along the customer journey

Your assessment of:

The most rewarding part of their job

The most challenging part of their job

How much of their work is proactive rather than reactive

Their role in the renewal and expansion process

The overall goal of this assignment is for you to understand this person’s role in as much detail as you can by conducting an effective informational interview. For more information about this, I encourage you to look at the following articles:… (Links to an external site.)… (Links to an external site.)… (Links to an external site.)