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It is not hard to get citizens engaged in some kind of a community policing effort if there is a serious problem in the area. While that is true there is often conflict between the police and the citizens, often the youth, as to what means are used to address the problem. While the neighborhoods may appreciate the police presence the citizens may see the police at times being over active and intolerant of minor infractions. Using peer reviewed articles and other professional publications find examples find examples in which police conducting “community policing” activities have encountered resistance from citizens.

In approximately 150 words, summarize what you have learned and cite the sources you have used. Then, in approximately 300 words, address the following issues;

1) Was the possibility of conflict recognized when the community policing activity was planned?

2) What, if anything was done to avoid the possibility of conflict between the citizens and police?

3) Once the conflict occurred, what actions were taken to mitigate the problems and restore the sense of cooperation and collaboration?