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Discussion Post Responses HR

In response to your classmates, comment on any shared experiences and insights you gained from reviewing the SHRM Body of Competency and Knowledge model. Share any recommendations for improved resolutions to organizational issues or the achievement of strategic goals. For example, a recommendation to increase employee retention rates is an HR initiative focused on improving employee/management relations. This initiative might include management training, a nonpunitive disciplinary process, and a new employee recognition program.

Post #1

Hi Everyone!

My name is Bailie and I am originally from a small town in Tennessee but I recently moved to Charlotte, North Carolina! I live here with my husband, 4 month old daughter and our two dogs! I graduated from the University of Tennessee with my Bachelor’s in Social Work and worked for a mental health facility as a case manager for about a year before moving to Charlotte. I am pursuing a career in Human Resource Management and have hopes of becoming a HR manager/director. This degree will help me achive this goal by opening doors in the HR field! Having a Master’s is almost a must-have to be competetive in today’s time. 

I worked for a supermarket for a long time. I started as a cashier and eventually moved my way up to be an office clerk. At the time I didn’t realize that my manager wasn’t an honest person and had been doing unethical things behind closed doors. Referring to the SHRM Competency Model, Ethical Practice and Relationship Management stick out to me. HR stepped in and made an unannounced visit to our store, they completed a walk-through and spent hours in my boss’s office. The next day my boss resigned. HR implemented Ethical Practice by addressing the issues that could negatively impact the store. HR could have demonstrated Relationship Management better by checking in with the stores’ management team and building a stronger relationship with them. They could have conducted employee surveys to gauge the happiness of the team. 

If HR initiatives are not addressed over the entire organization then there is a lack of communication and the team does not know what is expected of them, resulting in a possible high turnover rate or unhappiness within the company.

Post #2

Hello Class,

            My name is Tori Joseph I live in Texas home of the Cowboys I’ve never been a big fan of school but the older I got I realized I have to have meant and passion behind my education. I wasted a lot of time in college but had a lot of things personally occur, I’m a first-generation graduate and realized HR was the field for me. I’ve worked in healthcare the past 5 years and enjoy what it stands for, but it took a while to learn that I wanted to focus on HR and furthering my career in that. A masters will give me a leg up in the HR field and a better understanding in different areas, I really want to learn about the business side of things and compensation.

            My previous employer is an was an electrical regional distributor doing HR for the warehouse and main office building they hired warehouse workers on an entry level pay. The problem was employee retention and low employee engagement part of my job was employee relations which I enjoy doing. The morale was low, and I would get complaints weekly from workers who were frustrated with the company and how things were going, employees felt unappreciated and not given essentials things to do their jobs.

            Reviewing the Competency model my strategy fell under the technical competency model one of the strategies they list are rewards and that’s something that gets everyone’s attention. I came up with the idea of combining the metrics each team was responsible each day and weekly to compete against other departments for a prize each month. This only last for so long but what a strategy I and the managers agreed upon to boost the morale and motivation to work harder. The warehouse gets very hot during the summer and would get cold during the winter, so these are harsh conditions to work under but also this is what they sign up for. 

            When it came to behavior leadership was looking for consistency and having a great attitude coming into work every day and show rather then tell leadership they deserved what they were asking. I didn’t agree personally with my immediate manager he had his own person views of our employees and all it takes is one person to ruin it for everyone. The behavior competencies reflect how they apply knowledge (The SHRM Body of Competency and Knowledge, n.d.) means I had to know myself what tone and setting these rewards and new policies in place would mean. If we agreed to do this is this something we plan to stick with and do each month, will the same teams continue to win which could spark an act of favoritism. These are things that had to be considered before deciding to proceed with this and will this be a reward that’ll stay long term vs something right not to keep the employee’s engaged in their job.

            There were negative effects within that company they lost a lot of employees with long tenure or didn’t want to meet in the middle with pay and a lot of them went to their competitors instead. If the company continued on more people would leave and their competitors will continue to recruit which would be bad for our company but focusing on other employee ideas are alternatives to resolve this concern. From what I learned that company didn’t have much focus and poor leadership decisions but, in the future, should consider implementing policies and keeping them regardless of the outcomes.


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