Essay Writing on the movie 3idiots (you have to watched it before) ( Double space, 3-4pages)


Follow the instructions and finish the Essay

Movie I chose: 3 Idiots

  • 3-­4 pages in length
  • Typed, double space

Use the brainstorming file to write the essay.

Gives me Thesis Statement first just reply in the chat and then start work on the essay.


Essay Guidelines


Write an essay in which you analyze a TV show or a film of your choice. Your paper should analyze ONE of the following:

  • An underlying theme (message) communicated by the show or film; OR
  • One or more of the main characters, their conflict (problems), and the way they deal with these conflicts, or the way they transform over the course of the show or film, OR
  • Any cultural myths (unquestioned belief system) or stereotypes (generalizations about a group), which may occur in the show or


  • Make sure that your paper does more than simply summarize what The focus of the paper should be a critical response to the TV show or film.
  • Your paper should be organized around a thesis statement, which will make some kind of point about what happens in the TV show or
  • You can make any statement that you wish, but they must be supported with specific examples or details from the TV show or (You may need to watch the TV show or film a couple of times to depict the scenes in your paper).


  • 3-­4 pages in length
  • Typed, double space (Times New Roman, Calibri font)
  • MLA Format (be sure to cite correctly)
  • Correct grammar, punctuation and sentence/paragraph formation (academic writing/language)


Criteria Poor Fair Good
Thesis/Central Point (30%)

Writer’s thesis or central point regarding the analysis is not clear.

(0-­10 points)

Writer states central point or thesis statement. Thesis statement or central point is somewhat developed.

(11-­20 points)

Writer’s thesis statement or central point is thoughtful, complex and thoroughly explained.

(21 – 30 points)

Textual Evidence/Analysis (30%)

Evidence is not specific. Writer does not include at least three pieces of textual evidence. Evidence is simple and not fully explored and/or analyzed. Evidence does not support the writer’s thesis.

(0-­10 points)

Includes at least three textual references to back up thesis, but they are not thoroughly explained, examined and/or analyzed.

Evidence is not specific and/or does not support the writer’s thesis statement.

(11-­20 points)

Includes at least three textual references to back up thesis or central point. This evidence is specific, complex and thoroughly explained, and/or analyzed. Evidence is quoted or paraphrased and clearly supports the writer’s thesis statement.

(21-30 points)

Essay Structure (20%)

Essay does not have introduction, body paragraphs, and conclusion. Body paragraphs are not clear.

(1-­6 points)

Essay has and introduction and a conclusion. Includes body paragraphs.

(7-­13 points)

Essay has a clear introduction, conclusion and clear body paragraphs.

Paragraphs have topic sentences. Conclusion summarizes the point of the essay.

(14 – 20 points)

Grammar (20%)

The essay clearly has not been edited. There are numerous spelling, punctuation errors, and sentence structure problems. There are errors when using MLA format.

(1-­6 points)

There are few spelling errors. Student uses mostly proper grammar, including correct punctuation and sentence structure in most cases. There may be errors when using MLA format.

(7-­13 points)