executive summary report-edit to conform


I have attached it in case you dont have it –Also please let me know why you chose chief of police from the hree possible tracks in order to make your impact on Courtelaney Pass. Which track did you choose and what impacted your decision to choose that particular discipline? (this should be a seperate statement)


Overall, your Executive Summary is nice and well-written. It contains valuable information on pertinent issues relating to Courtelaney Pass Community.

Essentially, the executive briefs asks for a summary of what happened, why it happened, what was the outcome, what you have done, and, what you still need to do to solve all of the problems of Courtelaney Pass from the vantage point of your Role. Please cover each of these areas and more.

Also, please provide more content and analysis on the major issues as per what remains to be done. I noticed only a few issues. Also, please note that your discussion on the overall issues were rather scanty or shallow. Please add more focused and detailed analysis of the major issues. A few sentences on each of the issues may be insufficient to do justice to the issues.