Explain why GMOS are bad for society? Not an essay. Please see attached sheet for example and requirements.


1. Organize all entries alphabetically by author’s last name or first entry in the citation. (If several of your sources lack authors, then that’s probably a good indication that they are not credible).

2. Provide an accurate MLA “Works Cited” citation for each source at the top of each annotation.

3. For each annotation, provide a 200-300 word summary of the main ideas conveyed in the source.

4. Provide a 50-100 word assessment of how credible you perceive the source to be and provide evidence to support that assessment. For example, you may tell us that the source is trustworthy because it was written by two Harvard scientists and was published in the widely respected journal, Nature, last year. These scientists are from an internationally recognized institution. Their research is current, and the article was placed in perhaps the most well-regarded scientific journal in the academic community.

5. Provide a 150-200 word reflection/projection on which parts of the source you have found most useful and how you intend to use those parts in your paper. The more specific you can be in this section, the higher your grade will be.