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HA415 Unit 9 Discussion 2/3

In two different paragraph give your personal opinion to Kaitlen Archie and  Charles Stewart 

 Charles Stewart 

when it comes to fixing the problem on the nursing shortage from a finical point of view would be to allow people to become registered nurses through on the job training and passing a test which is just a check off list on what the specific nurse should know in the range of scope. This would eliminate the spending of money on more scholarships and acts to push for more nurses. On the economic side of things this would better the country on the shortage problem and the budget problem. Shortages would decrease for the easier route on becoming a registered nurse and less money would be spent from the country budget in education. This means that money can be put somewhere else to help the country that is in a lot of debt already. This would keep the nursing shortage problem in line and would be best for efficiency plus the economy of the country.

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Kaitlen Archie 

The nursing shortage is still an on-going issue. I work in the nursing office and see this issue first-hand. It is frustrating on both ends where the nurses are being over-worked to compensate lack of staffing and frustrating on my end when nurses call off because I know we are going to be short. Our hospital offers bonuses for those who pick-up extra shifts to help with the shortage. Also, we offer “commitment” bonuses of renewing your contract with a certain floor of the hospital every year. This gives them incentive to stay. We have sign-on bonuses for new nurses to attract them to join our hospital.

Some ways we can help keep the supply of nurses efficient is to promote a good work environment through effective leadership.  A survey from 2013 found that 35 percent of respondents said they “often feel like resigning” while another 33 percent said if they had a choice, they “would not be working in their current job a year from now. (“The Sentinel Watch”, 2016). Over half of the group said that working as a nurse adversely affected their health. We can try to promote safe movement practice to avoid injuries such as how to lift properly or to have someone help you. Another issue is lack of nursing school slots because lack of teachers. We could offer a pay increase to those who teach nurses and create incentives for teachers to become employed. This would allow more slots for nursing students.




The Sentinel Watch. (2016). The nursing shortage factors. Retrieved from https://www.americansentinel.edu/blog/2016/02/02/the-nursing-shortage-factors-affecting-supply-and-demand/

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