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HA510 Discussion 8 Unit 2&3

In two different paragraph give your personal to Julie Skala and  Marissa Sebastian 

 Marissa Sebastian 

            According to (Behavioral Change Theories, 2019), “with each stage of change, there are different intervention strategies are most effective at moving the person to the next stage of change and subsequently through the model to maintenance, the ideal stage of behavior. The six stage of change are listed below:

  1. Precontemplation
  2. Contemplation
  3. Preparation (Determination)
  4. Action
  5. Maintenance
  6. Termination”

By using the stage of change model listed above, managers in the healthcare industry can increase efficiencies within each step of processes they are looking to improve, ultimately increasing their standards of service.

            I feel that the following are lessons that can be learned from the stages of change to help employees steer aware from inappropriate actions on the job:

  • Helping employees understand what they are currently doing can be improved.
  • Encouraging collaboration within the team to increase awareness of what others are doing differently.
  • Helping to provide a visual aid to support how current actions are impacting others (patients, coworkers, the organization, etc.)
  • Providing opportunities for additional training and resources to support the employees behavioral change.

My expectation from the above is to provide real examples of when and what the employees who are acting inappropriately, to present in a “if this were occurring to or around you, how would you react?” Through discussion and observation, I hope to engage the employee to be self-aware and move toward a positive, appropriate behavior path.

Thank you,



Behavioral Change Theories. (2019, September). Retrieved from sphweb: http://sphweb.bumc.bu.edu/otlt/MPH-Modules/SB/BehavioralChangeTheories/BehavioralChangeTheories6.html

 Julie Skala 

The Stages of Change Model by Prochaska and DiClemente can benefit the healthcare manager who wants to achieve the highest efficiency and standards of service. The idea of the model is intentional change, that when people are ready to change a behavior they must do so on their terms and it is a continuous process, not one that happens overnight. The healthcare manager,  once they have identified a behavior or process that needs to be changed to benefit the business can then work with the employees on a process to improve them in stages. They can identify what needs to be changed and then plan for the change. By doing so in stages, it will allow them to work out any issues that may arise and make for a change that will be long term and help sustain the success of the employees and the business. 

I believe only when the person enters the action stage will they benefit from the Stages of Change Model assisting them in steering away from inappropriate actions on the job. They have to be able to see their results of their progress and the benefits of their change. They have to had adopted new healthy behaviors and modified their problem. Then they can progress to the maintenance stage, by working toward not relapsing, they may for example ask to change their work space if they were by an individual that may be a poor influence, they may get involved in committees to meet new people and help foster change, by avoiding “triggers” they can advance to the final termination stage. This stage they have been able to reap the rewards of their change, perhaps a promotion, employee of the month, or maybe even asked to train new employees. By being seen in a positive light will only help them realize how important their change has been. 


Behavioral Change Models. (n.d.). Retrieved November 26, 2019, from http://sphweb.bumc.bu.edu/otlt/MPH-Modules/SB/BehavioralChangeTheories/index.html.

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