I need this assignment completed by 06/30/18 at 5pm eastern standard time Savvy Essay Writers

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I need this assignment completed by 06/30/18 at 5pm eastern standard time

or creating a performance improvement plan, you need to gain an understanding of the terminology and guidelines used for accreditation of the state and local public health departments.

Read the following document:

Public Health Accreditation Board (2013). Standards and measures version 1.5. Retrieved from http://www.phaboard.org/wp-content/uploads/SM-Version-1.5-Board-adopted-FINAL-01-24-2014.docx.pdf

Create a PowerPoint presentation including the following information:

Describe the key terms used in the eleven domains of public health (one domain in Part A and ten domains in Part B) that can impact setting targets, goals, objectives, and overall performance measures.

Explain each domain in greater detail in the speaker notes area. Include a reference slide in APA style.

Present your work in a 10–15-slide PowerPoint presentation, utilizing a minimum of 3 scholarly sources. Apply APA  standards to CITATION of sources.

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