kirby bauer or disk diffusion test


•Title: Top of 1st page

•Authors: list authors in alphabetical order

•Abstract: a brief summary of the experiment and results

•Material and Methods: Describe the actions taken in each step, formulas used both math and media.

–Break down by steps i.e. media prep, inoculation, cell counts etc…

–Include tables or figures as needed to summarize data sets like nutrient targets and masses used.

•Cross-Reference: When including tables and figures make sure to cross reference them in the document where they are mentioned i.e. “the target concentrations of the media can be found in Table 1”, or nutrient mass were weight out (Table 1) on a MT SI-114 balance”

•Results: Keep same formatting as material and methods, but describe the results from each step.

–Do not make conclusions or explain why the result was observed

–Include cross referenced figures/tables at end of section

•Conclusions: Explain why your results came out as they did.Make observation referencing your results, and hypothesize what could be done to change your results

–If odd things need to be explained at each step then break down by sections

–If everything went according to materials and methods then a paragraph is fine

•References: If any references are used as a descriptor for a technique used or to compare results include them here.

****The lab result: culture : Staphylococcius epidermidis; Media: Mueller-Hiatan agar; disintectant: disk1-Tetracycline, disk2- Kanamycin, disk3-Nalidixic acid, disk4- Neomycin. Disk 2 and 4 show susceptibility to greater sensitivity cause they for a larger zone, disk 4 15mm and disk 2 10 mm. disk 3 and 1 indicate low sensitivity to no sensitivity.