lp3 assignment control

This assignment will assess the following competency:

3. Assess criminal justice management issues and practices.


Read the scenario and content prompts below and create a PowerPoint presentation with at least twenty (20) slides. Use Times New Roman font. Design the presentation to be visually captivating yet not aesthetically overwhelming.

The slides are to thoroughly explain what is analyzed; in other words, anyone should be able to view your presentation and understand the material. You will narrate you slides and save the presentation either as an MP4 or wmv file, turning it into a video that you will upload to Youtube. It is recommended that you write a script so that your narration flows seemlessly when you record. However, you can edit the audio on individual slides. Click here for instructions on adding narration and uploading to Youtube.


Imagine that you are the elected Sheriff for a county that encompasses a major metropolitan area. There has been an unfortunate series, in the past year, of officer-involved shootings and police brutality, allegations of racial profiling, and officers answering questions from the media that are not authorized to do so.

The other elected state Sheriffs have contacted you to discuss these issues. There is a consensus that you need to present at the upcoming State Sheriff’s Association Conference (SSAC Spring Conference) to demonstrate that you have seriously weighed the pressing issues and that you have a plan for change. You have decided upon the following content for the presentation:

Content Prompts:

  1. Examine how a police manager’s span of control affects the outcome of use of force, high-speed pursuits, biased policing, and dealing with the media.
  2. Compare and Contrast how Douglas McGregor’s Theory X and Theory Y managers would govern subordinates’ actions in each of the four situations.
  3. Outline what plan you have to apply these theories to your police managers, to mitigate future occurrences of the four situations.

* Include at least three academic or professional sources to support your work. APA citations need to be included both in-text and in a separate reference page