mangement papaer 01

The student will research an article (or a couple of articles) concerning Management topics from a reliable, professional source utilizing topics covered to date from the textbook. Students will write a paper reviewing the article(s).

Use any topics that is list from the attached file.

Each of the article(s) review should be written in the following format using these SUBHEADINGS:

  • Major Thesis (a summary of the article and main points – in 1 page),
  • Personal / Professional Application (in 1 page, describe the usefulness of the article. How could you use this material in your own organization or situation, if in the position to do so? Expand with specific examples),
  • Conclusion (summarize the article and give me your recommendations),
  • Reference / Source (name of article, author’s name, etc. in APA format).

Assignments must be a minimum of two complete pages, word count at least 700.