mba 7592 week 7 business plan proposal assignment

Submit the business plan proposal for starting a business in your chosen country in week 7. Your plan should be logically derived from the country analysis using the format below:

  • Executive Summary including the purpose of the report, the opportunity you are proposing (where the opportunity is defined as starting a business in a country outside of the United States) and recommendations.
  • Business Model Proposal (derived logically from the country analysis) with details of the proposal (business model, how you are going to make money, value proposition of your product offering, quantitative and qualitative benefits of the project, entry mode, trade barriers, financing decisions, etc.).
  • SWOT Analysis based on your country analysis and the business you are planning to start.
  • Strategic Plan with a 3-5 year sequential implementation plan.
  • Projected 10-Year Cash Flow Analysis including investment and Return on Investment (ROI) target with cash flows brought back to present dollars. Use a discount rate of 10%. Also pick at least 1 parameter (e.g., volume, price, etc.) and show a sensitivity analysis.
  • Issues, Risks, Contingency Plans and Metrics Identify and describe what issues and associated business risks may arise from starting this business in your chosen country. Briefly describe contingency plans to address these. Also include what metrics should be assessed to understand whether the business is achieving plan and how often they should be assessed.

This plan will be in a Word document. The document should be no more than 10 pages. It must follow APA guidelines for spacing, font, font size and reference formatting and citations The title page, reference pages and charts/graphs/tables pages are not included (counted) in the 10-page count.

Be sure to use the concepts and learnings from this course as you develop your proposal and write your report. Also, please prepare this report as if it will be given to your CEO or a Venture Capitalist for consideration. Good grammar, no misspellings, and logical flow are all very important!


How do I estimate sales?

Answer: Use market estimates, market growth rates and assume your market share for each year.

How do I do 10-year discounted cash flows and ROI?

Answer: See this website (Links to an external site.)for guidance:

What is a Value Proposition?

A PowerPoint Slide for Value Proposition is attached.

What is a SWOT analysis?

A PowerPoint Slide for SWOT analysis is attached.