media lesson plan 1

Choose ONE of the following 2 options:

1. Review a Lesson

Explore the websites: (Links to an external site.)

Common Sense Media (Links to an external site.)

Teaching Tolerance (Links to an external site.)

Choose a lesson to review. You will perform any tasks the lesson requires (completing a project, answering discussion questions, etc.) and then write a 1 page, single spaced, reflection.

  • Briefly describe the lesson (1/2 page), include a link to it
  • What is your opinion of the lesson? Connect to lecture. (1/2 page)
  • Attach any completed projects or answered discussion questions (if applicable).

2. Create a Lesson

Design a lesson plan for a K-12 grade of your choice using the EDUC 104E Media Lesson Plan Template (Links to an external site.)provided. Please put your responses in italics, boldface, or a color other than black. The lesson plan must accomplish two goals:

  1. Help students develop cultural awareness and/or media literacy
  2. Choose a standard within one of the following artistic processes of the National Core Arts Standards for Media Arts (Links to an external site.):

CREATING (Links to an external site.)

PRODUCING (Links to an external site.)

RESPONDING (Links to an external site.)