media options 19

This assignment is partially completed , Please see attached docs, the company being used is NIKE

Create a Microsoft® PowerPoint® presentation The presentation should be a minimum of 7-10 slides and word doc

Discuss in a minimum 700 words the differences between the traditional media option and the new media option in terms of audience, reach, channel and content. A table of differences may be used to concisely illustrate the differences but you must include a discussion of insights/concerns/issues between the media options. ( this is a must have)

Your deliverable should include an actual marketing piece for the selected traditional media and for the selected new social media option . This can be actual copy, visuals, radio text, layout sketches, storyboard, etc. (possibly including slogans, logos, etc.) to illustrate how you would incorporate your creative recommendations into the two media branding or product strategies.

Note: Charts/graphs/tables in your Microsoft® Word write-up do not count towards the word count.