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 But drugs don’t get at the root of the  Memory Hack issue and may only work for a limited time. Linden’s treatment is designed to provide permanent changes that get rid of fears for a lifetime.Over 18 years ago, Linden was told that he had many conditions, including severe anxiety and OCD, also known as Obsessive Compulsive Disorder. He was given medications which he took as prescribed. Of course, all medications can have strong side effects and Linden felt even worse on the medications then before he’d taken them. Not only that, but he had to undergo terrible withdrawal symptoms as he went off the meds.

This was hardly a successful treatment plan for his anxiety but actually aggravated it. At that point, he felt essentially hopeless but he did not give up. He tried other types of treatment and visited a wide range of specialists, from psychologists to alternative therapists. Unfortunately, his search was to last for five agonizing years.Along the way, Linden came across people who had conquered anxiety. He wanted to learn their secrets, partially in hopes of curing himself but also to help others. It took years of research and much time interviewing former sufferers before Linden discovered their amazing secret. Even more astounding as many of those who’d beaten anxiety didn’t even know how they had done it. They had somehow managed to find the key.

Now Charles Linden knew how and why anxiety could be conquered and stress relief could take its place. He carefully studied the data and put it all together into a logical pattern. This became the basis for The Linden Method.Of course, he had to test the principles of The Linden Method on himself. Not only did they work but he astounded former doctors and psychologists who had treated him. Some didn’t expect him to ever be truly cured but he proved them wrong.It took awhile for Linden to branch out and offer his program to other people. His family and spouse had to push him to do so. 

He has since helped more than 130,000 people to get relief. Many of them have gone on to offer testimonials of the great success of his treatment.As of today, The Linden Method has been offered for over 12 years now. Psychologists and doctors have referred clients to the program and satisfied clients have raved about their success using the Charles Linden’s method.

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