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Kellogg, A. (2016). The refugee crisis as seen from Davos. Retrieved from







“The refugee crisis as seen from Davos”



The topic of this article is refugees that are being flooded into France, American, England, Germany and other surrounding nations in Europe. The European Central Bank President Mario Draghi is trying to tell the nation the importance to not pre-judge the impact of the vast new migration to Europe (Kellogg, 2016). We have also heard from many different countries including our own nation’s states that refugees for American, Europe and other countries is a challenge, and an opportunity (Kellogg, 2016). This is a political issue, an economic issue, and social, and overcrowding issue, as in each country they have their down falls, there issues with financial concerns, so to add more person for the countries to take care of and look after is hard on the economy, the financial budgets, and it also is causing a bit of a controversial issue with the citizens as they are in fear for what has happened thus far in their lives with terrorist. So, to bring in person from a country or two that are not or where not allies of there before is a problem.




My perspective of this issue is that we are worried for the right reasons, no matter the country or nation. We have to worry about the issues with financial struggles, with crime rates increasing as there are more and more people being brought to countries that are not able to supply jobs for all their citizens, or housing for them either. We have to worry about the resources that are being drained. Here in the United States the refugees that are here now, are using up state and federal finances, they are taking up housing that could be used for other needy families and Veterans that are homeless. We have person who have come to this country who are using the states they are assigned to, they are using the resources for housing, they are being given housing vouchers to have reduced rents on apartments and homes, these lists are only open once per year and low income families sit on the lists for years and never move up to the top, and they are in need of the help, so they are not living on the streets, but once the refugees came to the state they were bumped down on the list, and the refugees where given the vouchers for their reduced rents to help them to survive here, I understand this as we don’t want to see them on the streets, but at the same time is fair to bump someone who has been on a housing voucher list for 5 years back down to the bottom to help those that just came here and didn’t have to wait or see the struggles? The larges issue with the refugees coming to the United States, Europe or any other country other than their home country, is that all resources are being exhausted to accommodate them, as other citizens are being pushed aside for others.

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