NEED IN 6 HOURS<---------- ONLY 4 QUESTIONS!!!!!!! <---READ ATTACHMENT!!!!!! Savvy Essay Writers

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NEED IN 6 HOURS<---------- ONLY 4 QUESTIONS!!!!!!! <---READ ATTACHMENT!!!!!!

To complete this assignment, submit an individual essay. 

Essays are generally two-three single spaced paragraphs. 



Review the 3-1 case from the Pearlson book. This case study allows you to explore real 

world cultural issues related to the merger of two companies that basically offer the same 

services, but have two very different organizational structures and cultures. Note, one 

video has been provided here, there are many more on youtube as well as a number of 

articles you can find via additional research. 



1. Discuss the layers of culture that are evident in this case. 



2. What are the similarities and dissimilarities between the cultures, values and beliefs 

of Southwest and AirTran airlines? 



3. What problems could arise due to the different perspectives of both airlines towards 

online reservation systems? What do you recommend the managers do to solve these 




4. What would you recommend managers do to ensure a smooth integration of the 

information systems, given the culture differences?

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