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https://emuseum.mfah.org/ the link above is where you will get the two arts for this assignment. There are three parts to this activity – An Introduction, a discussion on form and a discussion of concept. Part One Students will research two artists and one artwork from each to analyze and answer a three-part assignment. Five shared questions are provided for consideration while conducting research and completing the assignment. The artists chosen to be compared must be from different cultures. Students are expected to include proper usage of terms relative to the visual elements and principles of design. Example: Comparing the 1909 sculpture Back by French artist Henri Matisse and a 1961 sculptureTwo Circle Sentinel done in 1961 by American artist David Smith offers a wide variety of cultural differences to work with, both in terms of time and world location. The work can be anything they have done whether discussed or not. Complete the following for Part One: Artists names (first & last) Country of origin and dates of birth and death: (dates for artists still living should be noted with the word “present”. Example: 1970- present) Art works chosen: (provide the title, the year created and media. Example: Boy with Apple, 2014, oil on canvas. Art movement the work is associated with: (note: some artists have worked over the course of several movements – name the movement associated with the chosen work.) End Part One by briefly discussing what you like about the artist’s work. (there’s no wrong answer here, but it should be more than “it just looked cool”. It’s OK to start there but be sure to provide more insight into how you connected with the work – formally, emotionally, historically, conceptually, etc.) Part Two Begin Part 2 by inserting the two images into the thread by clicking the Attach Image icon on the tool bar above the text window. (Reminder the artwork does not have to be from the lesson.) Then using the terms and techniques covered during this course, provide answers to the following FORMAL questions (what the art looks like): What is the medium used to create the work? Example: Is it paint? If so what paint? Oil, acrylic, etc… Analyze works of art formally by identifying and briefly explaining 3-5 of the elements and principles of design in each artwork (Line, shape, color, contrast, perspective, rhythm, pattern, balance, etc.) as well as from your research. This should be a long paragraph or paragraphs for each artwork. Developing your own conclusions on what the artist is trying to communicate visually. This should be a paragraph or paragraphs for each artwork. Part Three Now explore and discuss the CONCEPTUAL (content of ideas) qualities of the artwork by answering these next questions. What do you think was the artist’s motivation for this work? (Beauty, communication, or something spiritual?) Explain. This should be a paragraph or paragraphs for each artwork. This should be a paragraph for each artwork. How do you think the cultural and historical background of the artist might have influenced the way their work looks? This should be a paragraph or paragraphs for each artwork. What conclusions can you reach about the artist’s time period and his or her view of the world? (some things that you might want to consider: spirituality, politics, race, ethnicity, gender or gender identity, ecological issues, materials, and processes.) This should be a paragraph or paragraphs for each artwork. Example: Ai Weiwei grew up living in a country (China) where free speech was often severely punished. Abramovic had to struggle in a mostly male-dominated society that didn’t readily accept female artists nor understand the nature of her work (performance art.) Does the work share any similar ideas, approaches to the subject or use of materials with another artist discussed in this class? Who and how? (Note: The answer to this question is almost always yes.) Now explore

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