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Title: see instruction -jy

Paper type Coursework

Paper format MLA

Course level Undegraduate

Subject Area Other (Not listed)

# pages 2   ( or 600 words Minimum)

Spacing Double Spacing

# sources 0

Paper Details

i need a individual project paper, two pages.

please check my presentation slides, my group presentation link: https://docs.google.com/presentation/d/1kYaJ-tGavnf6EbZ7Supd6Gq56Ld0lVJ9G21w00SgwXs/edit?ts=5a1f42bd#slide=id.g2b34d6043d_0_20

please check the attachment which is interpersonal relationships ppt. that is another group’s slides. you must to evaluate another group, please check the details in attachment which is COMS ST 35 group presentation guideline, make sure you focus on Individual Project Paper area. follow the rules to write the paper.

also you can check my speak note, so you can know what i talked in the class. that will help.

I’m going to evaluate chapter 9, which you will need to mention it on the paper. I have sent you chapter 9 PPT

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