Paper 2: Graphic Organizer/Outline of Paper Savvy Essay Writers

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Paper 2: Graphic Organizer/Outline of Paper


Paper 2: Graphic Organizer/Outline of Paper

The purpose of this assignment is for you to carefully review and analyze the assigned paper. You must complete this assignment (and all assignments) independently, though you may consult with the preceptor or instructor. 

This is worth 15 points. It should not be longer than 2 pages (typed). Submissions that are more than one piece of paper must be STAPLED.

1. Full APA citation

2. Explain the research question & hypotheses

3. Participant information

a. # of participants

b. Age range

c. Disorder type

4. Procedures

a. What did the experimenters measure (include experimental tasks and other measures that are used in statistics)?

b. What are the experimenters looking for?

i. Group differences (comparing two or more groups on different tasks or measures)?

ii. Correlations (is performance on one task associated with performance on another task?)

iii. Regression (does performance on one measure predict how participants perform on another task) 

5. Results

a. Were the results statistically significant? (p < .05) 

b. Was the author’s hypothesis correct? 

6. Discussion

a. Did the authors discuss clinical implications?

b. Did the authors discuss limitations? 

7. Summary

a. In five sentences or less, describe this study including the purpose and the findings. DO NOT COPY THE ABSTRACT FROM THE ARTICLE!

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