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“Identifying Misleading Information in an Argument”

For this discussion, we are going to  evaluate the claims of some products you may use currently.

Ads and testimonials for nutritional supplements are among the most effective marketing tools ever, as is supported by the unprecedented growth in the sales of energy drinks, dietary supplements, vitamin beverages, and stimulants. 

Select from a product you are currently purchasing for your own use or any product of this kind that interests you. Use the information provided on the product label and from the product’s Web site as needed to respond to the following questions.  Post your response to the discussion. 

Then review one of your peer’s responses on their product and provide your feedback and thoughts.

  1. What claims are made about the benefits of this      product? 
  2. What research is cited or what evidence is supplied to      support the truth of these claims? 
  3. Who are the people who have provided testimonials to      support the product? 
  4. What level of expertise do these individuals have with      regard to human nutrition? 
  5. Were any of these individuals paid to provide their      endorsement? 
  6. What warnings, risks, or potentially harmful side      effects are presented? 


Facione, P., & Gittens, C. A. (20160. Thinking critically. 3rd. Ed. Boston, MA: Pearson. 


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