pjm 400 mod 5 ct procurement and contracting case study analysis

“procurement and contracting example related to your Portfolio Topic” <—– WALMART

Procurement and Contracting Case Study Analysis

In a three- to four-page paper not counting the cover and reference pages that you must include, use a procurement and contracting example related to your Portfolio Topic to find a real-life award scenario.

In your paper, and using your research skills, assess and evaluate how each of the following concepts relates to your chosen procurement and contracting example:

  1. the mutual agreement of offer and acceptance
  2. the consideration of a down payment
  3. the capability to perform the work
  4. the confirmation of legal purpose

Be sure to properly organize your writing and include an introduction, headings/subheadings for the body of your work associated with each of the items above (a through d), your analysis/suggestion, and a conclusion. In addition to your textbook, use at least two scholarly sources to support your responses. Cite your sources and include a reference page.