please follow these requirements

  1. The Story of You (ME paper)

I am an international student. This paper should focus on your behaviours, attributes, skills and competencies. You have completed a number of assessments as part of your weekly coursework. The goal of this paper is to synthesize your assessments, and present the following parts, noted below. The expected length is approximately 5 pages (double spaced), if it were written out in narrative. Don’t merely list a number of points – explain and give examples. Make it compelling, possibly with a timeline and/or other illustrations.

Things to consider when writing your paper

  1. Go over all of your personal self-assessments from the textbook and reflect on them.
  2. Highlighting some of your personal Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats (SWOT).
  3. Add any details about your life that you believe contributed to your assessment scores. For example, how did your family, education, religion, etc. contribute to any of your assessment scores?
  4. Articulating your personal self-concept and brand (from chaper 2) and relate this to A).
  5. To conclude your paper, you will need to analyze and synthesize your findings. What do your findings tell you about yourself? What do you think that means? When writing this section it is important to remember that an analysis and synthesis are two distinct concepts, and should be written as such.

This assignment will be marked for depth of thought, analysis, synthesis and effort. Things to note,

  1. You will need to incorporate all your self-assessments (minimum of 7).
  2. You will need to integrate all of your assessments and the synthesis of them (conclusions) you draw from them.
  3. The paper should be no less than 5 pages double spaced.
  4. Please provide a list of all the self-assessments you used, and place the list in an appendix.
  5. Pleae use at least 3 reference sources other than the textbook.

please finish these assessments and circal what you choose in these pictures.