presentation 1 submit assignment

Complete the assignment following the Instructions for Presentation 1. Use the Presentation 1 Formal Outline Template to guide you with the outline.

Remember to submit your (1) formal outline, (2) speaking outline, (3) slideshow, and (4) video to this assignment. Use the Video Upload Instructions to upload the video using Canvas Studio. First, upload your video as one submission and then submit again (resubmit) with your other documents.Even though you will no longer see the video, it will still be there if you submitted it correctly.

TurnItIn Reminder: TurnItIn will scan your work to look for certain types of plagiarism. Reports should appear within a few minutes of your submission. To view the reports, go to the Grades tab in the web version of Canvas, find the assignment, and select the colored TurnItIn flag. Open the reports and check any highlighted text to make sure there are no plagiarism issues. If you notice problems, you can resubmit the assignment up to the due date. If the assignment is late, you can resubmit it within 12 hours of your first submission. After that, you will be responsible for any academic honesty violations.


Presentation Rubric