project personal leadership

All 4 sections are required to be completed.

This Personal Leadership Reflection minimum is 4 paragraphs in length.

Write complete and well-formed sentences (syntax).

Ensure zero errors in grammar and spelling. Paper needs to be professional and organized in an easy to read format.

If sources are included, format per APA 6th Edition.

Content of Project:

Section I – Personality and Self-Concept

Write about your personality strengths and areas of improvement.

Section II – Human Interaction Skills

Write about management skills involved in the engagement and motivation of personnel, and consider the intended impacts on workplace productivity.Use the resources (reading material; discussion forums) you experienced in the course to assist you with this section.

Section III – Your Leadership Philosophy (Personal Development Plan)

For this section, consider all the coursework and discussions that allowed you to craft sections I and II above. Focus on your personality, self-concept, and human interaction skills you have mentioned to help you write your personal leadership philosophy.

Example of a personal leadership philosophy:

My leadership philosophy is to clearly communicate the ideas and ideals I strive to live up to and inspire in others each day. My philosophy represents a psychological contract that empowers me to understand who I am and what I aspire to become. My role as a leader is to provide grand challenge, create the environment and invest in the individuals for greatness to emerge. Leadership is about integrity, humility, commitment and accountability; my words and actions are synonymous.

Section IV: Relevant Goals

In this section identify three goals to enhance your skills as a leader. Answer the following questions for each goal: 1) What are action steps I can take to achieve this goal; 2) What are potential obstacles I may face; 3) What is my plan to overcome these obstacles?

Example of a goal, actions steps, potential obstacles, and a plan to overcome potential obstacles:

Goal: To learn to pay attention and demonstrate to others that I value what they have to say.

Action Steps: Use active listening, open ended questions, body language, and eliminate distractions that get in the way of my ability to listen.

Potential Obstacle: Not listening with an open and unbiased attitude; not refraining from going on the defensive and not understanding the situation before taking a position.

To overcome obstacle: Jot down or make mental note of key words, ideas and questions to ask later and to stop what I am doing and focus completely on the employee(s).