quality work required no plagiarism no grammar errors be keen on the instructions

I have decided on ‘social adaptation theory. That is my theory

Similar to Assignment 3, the purpose of this assignment is to extend your knowledge of a theory. However, this assignment enables you to present a more detailed description of a theory than you were able to provide in Assignment 3. Please choose a different theory than the one you presented on in Assignment 3. I have written a sample paper for you.

Select a theory or theoretical framework, and in a 1000-word, APA formatted paper, you will:

  • Correctly identify the main scholar(s) associated with the origin of the theory or theoretical framework
  • Accurately summarize main assumptions
  • Correctly identify the paradigm of the theory and where it stands in the “great debates”
  • Provide a balanced assessment of the value of the theory or theoretical framework and where one might apply it in the world
  • Identify a specific research topic or issue which could be approached from this theoretical perspective

Your paper will be evaluated on the following criteria:

  • On time (was the paper posted on or before the due date?)
  • Well-edited (Are there spelling, grammar, punctuation errors? Does it follow APA style? Excluding the title page and reference list, does it adhere to the assignment word count of 1000 words, +/- 100 words?)
  • Clear in the expression of ideas (Is there strong writing, flow, transitions?)
  • Accurate (Is the information presented as fact accurate?)
  • Original (Does the paper offer a new perspective or new information?)
  • Relevant (Does the paper address the assignment criteria as specified above?)
  • Substantive (Does the paper reflect comprehension and ability to apply course readings in meaningful ways?)
  • Makes use of appropriate supporting material (Does the paper draw upon additional scholarly sources not contained in the course material in order to make the argument stronger?)
  • Arguments are valid (Conclusions and declarative statements are supported by premises)



Attched are more articles

Use this article to define theory. “The_task_situation_and_habit_in_the_atti” I have attached this article below