rationale write a rationale explaining why it is important to teach the different language arts strategies and components research based

APA Style Format

Minimum of 3 sources, at least ONE direct quote, the rest can be paraphrased.

use facts and support it

Explain why teaching the following areas of language arts is important: (from someone who’s becoming a teacher perspective)

1. Phonics Instruction

2. Phonological Awareness

3. Fluency

4. Vocabulary

5. Writing

6. ELL Accommodation

Be sure to include an introduction on the importance of ELA, and the importance of this project (which the rationale is for)

——–some background info: we worked on a project in class to develop 12 lesson plans/activities for the strategies/criteria listed above, “throughout the course students will complete lessons for various strategies for language arts instruction. The primary purpose of this assignment is to provide each student an opportunity to identify, collect, organize and reflect upon professional ideas and research-based activities and materials that support K-8 language arts instruction. Ideas can be gathered from class, readings, discussions and independent research.“————


This an expositive paper, NO first person and NO second person language.

Each sentence should be Tier 2, beginning with Tier 2 words.

**The Rationale statement should be no shorter than 2 full pages and be written from an expositive researched view with a minimum of 3 citations to support what is written.**