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Fir this assignment please respond to the following with 200 words:

Plato’s theory of the self divides the soul into three parts- reason, the thinking part of the soul, appetitive, which involves desires, and spirited, the part in charge of our temper. These make up the tripartite concept. The three parts are subject to clashing. I feel the clash all the time, especially when someone is getting on my nerves or making me angry. My initial response is to want to say something, to retaliate. But, I know that I can’t do that. I could get into trouble, or at the very least, cause a disturbance. According to Plato, my reason side and my spirited side were at odds. The conflict is resolved when my reason side takes over, and quiets the spirit down. I don’t agree with Plato’s theory. I think the spirit and the appetitive can be combined. Now we have an emotional side and a logical side. The logical side likes to make decisions based on fact. The emotional side decides things based on how they feel.