Response Paper to the book “Late Victorian Holocaust” By Mike Davis


The first midterm exam is a final written response to Mark Davis’s Late Victorian Holocausts. In a short essay of 1,200 words you should address the following:

1. Using at least three specific examples from the book, citing the location of your examples, illustrate how the intersection of environmental catastrophe, colonial policies, and a global economy dramatically changed cultures and began a legacy of marginalization in one or more of the regions we’ve studied (Africa, China, India, South America, etc.).

2. Describe in detail how reading Late Victorian Holocausts has changed or otherwise influenced the way you perceive a specific cultural process, political agenda, or ecological shift in the contemporary local, national, or global world.

3. Your response should form an integrated, coherent narrative. Use your daily reading notes, but don’t just copy/paste.


  1. Don’t sweat. If you’ve kept up with the readings, the notes, and have been to class this is a straightforward assignment.
  2. If you cite another paper or book in your response you must provide proper in-text citations as well as the full reference information in a separate bibliography page. A bibliography page does not count toward the word minimum for the response.
  3. You will submit your final response on Blackboard (section going up soon) by 11:59pm March 8th. Late submissions will receive a penalty.
  4. The file you upload should be a Microsoft Word .doc or .docx file only. Do not upload a file using Pages or any other file extension as Blackboard will not recognize them.