rihno case study

Please look at the Case study attached to answer these areas:

1) Situation Analysis – Brief overview of the case study

1. Introduction / History

2. Mission

3. Vision

4. Values

5. Business Model: Customer Value Proposition and Profit Formula

6. Objectives: Financial Objectives and Strategic Objectives


2) External Analysis using PESTEL analysis

3)Internal Analysis

4)TOWS Matrix

5) Organizational Strategy: please answer these questions for the organization strategy :

1. What are the current Corporate and/or Business Strategies being pursued?

2. Is the Strategy working? Is the strategy a winner using the 3 tests for a winning strategy?

3. Does the company provide a sustainable competitive advantage?

4. Describe how the company is pursuing an offensive or defensive strategy?

5. How do timing (first mover or fast follower) concepts apply to your company?

6. Is the company pursuing any of the following: mergers, acquisitions, joint ventures, outsourcing,

partnerships, alliances, etc.? How does this impact their strategy now or going forward?

6) Alternatives Identification/ Recommendation:: please answer these questions for the Alternatives Identification/ Recommendation

1. What strategic issues and problems merit front-burner managerial attention?

2. Identification of Alternatives

3. Decision Criteria

4. Identification of Decision/Recommendation