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please read below student posts and reply each in 125 words.

sameer – Having a backup method may be very important for every type of commercial enterprise, together with the smallest. The data stored in the IT system are important to preserve your firm on the market. Imagine what would take place in case you lose your clients data, or information approximately bills or debts: it would be tragic in your organization! In this submit we are able to see the way to outline an awesome backup approach to hold your commercial enterprise and its future safe and sound. Data backup is vital due to the fact you will never realize while something will occur that threatens your statistics and your business enterprise’s survival.

External Media: These technology had been in use for pretty some time and it’s been very beneficial in backing up records and statistics. They are available in distinct sizes, strategies, shapes and feature distinct storage capacities. All these kinds of tough drives work in the identical manner and enjoy the equal shortcomings and merits. Many of them include backup software that is well matched with windows and different 0.33-party backup software. It could be very rapid and convenient specifically while backing up larger information. It is transportable and no longer easily tormented by the worms. The most effective downside that is alarming is the initial fee of the tough drives.

Network Storage: The use of Network Attached Storage (NAS) has turn out to be very rampant in many organizations today. The handiest huge difficulty with NAS is that its initial fee may be very high. In comparison, it’s greater effective due to the fact one NAS can be used to secure information for all the computers in an workplace rather of purchasing many hard discs for all of the computer systems. On the opposite hand, now not all the windows version is compatible with NAS.

Cloud Backup: Advantages here encompass total manipulate and customization. Build out your backup answer exactly as you pick and enforce something safety features are necessary. You could also upload bodily media — which includes tapes or tough disks — to create some other line of protection.

Potential drawbacks? If backups are positioned on-website online, probabilities are a strength outage or catastrophe would take them down as properly. There’s additionally the problem of price, because you’re answerable for the preliminary buy, ongoing upkeep and eventual alternative of on-premise solutions.

aditya- Through this course, I have learned important concepts of security related to Information Systems. One of the key concepts I have learned is mitigating the malware attacks on a machine. I also learned various social engineering attacks and the countermeasures needed to be taken to avoid malicious attacks. By attempting the discussion, I got to read many articles and find out various ways to mitigate the malicious attacks possible on my machine. Having multi-layered authentication strategies would help to keep my information safer from attackers. Installing antivirus software, installing a firewall will help to prevent the attackers from attacking a system. I also learned various concepts involved in the Web 2.0 revolution.

Data security will ensure the information the association gathers and utilized. On the off chance that the data is left unprotected, the data can be gotten to by anybody. On the off chance that the data falls into the wrong hands, it can crush lives, dropping business and can besides be utilized to do hurt. Data security endeavors will guarantee that fitting data is ensured both business and true-blue necessities by a made sense of how to secure the affiliations information. Likewise, make sense of how to secure affiliations data incorporates keeping up affirmation and will help keep up a vital separation from markdown blackmail.

For that computer system provides various secure network devices such as secure modems, “Virtual private network” and crypto cable routers. Different types of software used for network security such as antivirus, firewalls and set your computer system to update routinely. Hacker can hack our information, but with the help of this software, we can protect our data from a hacker (Eric D. Knapp, 2014).

This can include names, addresses, telephone numbers, social security numbers, payrolls, etc. This information is sensitive and needs to be protected. Not to mention many companies and organizations today have an IT and security department to oversee their network systems.

meghna – Discussion 6 – Meghana Kiran

1.How important are communication skills in project management?

Communication skill is not only about hearing and speaking, but it is also about listening and understanding the complete information.

On a day to day basis, Project Managers are involved in collaborating, relaying information, receiving information, setting goals and expectations for all of this communication is the key element .

A project manager should make sure his team and stakeholders are informed and communicated about their roles, responsibility, accountability, expectation, project progress, deadlines, technical glitches, etc. To do this, the Project Manager should involve in active communication methods like webinars, stand-up meetings, face to face meetings, telephonic meetings, or passive communication methods like email, newsletter. Effective communication and active listening help in discussing problems, roadblocks in a project as well as it helps in bridging the language gap caused by technical jargon that is not understood by a few team members or customers.

A healthy- cross-communication with the team will bring transparency and always avoid confusion, trust issues, and misunderstanding; this will help in maximizing success and minimizing risks of the project.

To conclude, Project Managers should be spending 80-90% of their time communicating, as effective communication is a critical factor attributing to project a success!

2. Was Herb the right person to be assigned as the project manager?

In my opinion, Herb was not the right person to be assigned as a project manager. As per the case study, he is a subject matter expert and has expertise in R&D and product enhancement projects. But eight years in the company, he has had very few interactions or has only interacted during project team meetings, and he has never formally taken a project management course. I feel he should be assigned the role of an R&D and manufacturing manager, where he would be able to observe and learn how a project manager works. This would help him to gain experience to become a project manager in the future.

3. There were communications issues with Alice, Bob, Betty, and Frank. For each communication issue,where was the breakdown in communications: encoding, decoding, feedback, and so on?

There was a communication gap between team members. With Alice, it was decoding as Herb was not communicated directly about expecting a recommendation letter. With Bob, it is encoding as bob wanted all the communications to his engineers to go through him, and he wanted things to be in writing. Conversation with Betty is mostly feedback and decoding as she was told only to determine the cost, and her role did not involve making decisions. With Frank it mainly was decoding as he is part-time on this project and he wasn’t on all the meetings, thereby he does not seem to have the context of the communication.

anjani – Q1. How important are communication skills in project management?

Relational abilities are critical wherever and that redirection a basic business in one’s life. Venture supervisors contribute a lot of vitality talking with individuals and social affairs. Frankly, it’s been evaluated that endeavor administrators put 90% of their vitality in correspondence related activities. The errand boss oversees all the correspondence including how as every now and again as possible a social event would meet and talk about and it in addition relies on the undertaking needs. An undertaking head with astonishing social purposes of restriction winds up upgrading the negligibility of everyone he cooperates with. This monstrously overhauls the probability of his errand meeting or defeating accomplice needs. Exactly when the showings are wrongfully spared, after which the results won’t be proper and this one results inside the destruction ups of one’s assignments. Again, the whole thing must be right powered before stunning forward.

Q2. Was Herb the right person to be assigned as the project manager?

Herb is a perfect match to be a task supervisor as he had connected training, appreciate the two in R& D and Manufacturing and additionally, had a PhD and he’s progressively a SME (Subject Matter Expertise) in the two the fields. There are number of elements that should be considered before grabbing the correct individual. In this undertaking, half of the prerequisite was R&D and another half was producing. Considering the necessities of the venture Herb was the superbly coordinate proficient as he had related knowledge both in R& D and producing and furthermore, had a PhD. Herb did not have any inclusion in administering spending designs, using the advantages open, or driving a gathering from the front or talking about feasibly with the accomplices. However, if we would have a sensible picture of undertaking association experience of all the fourteen people, we could have achieved our confirmation in a startling way.

Q3. There were communications issues with Alice, Bob, Betty and Frank. For each communication issue, where was the breakdown in communications: encoding, decoding, feedback and so on?

In the exchange with Alice the breakdown in the correspondence started when Alice encoded the message. She didn’t approach Herb for the recommendation letter along these lines he didn’t make it. Influence: in the talk Bob communicates the outlining specialists neglected the exchange Herb had with them and the tests were not running as Herb composed. Alice hasn’t ever talked who what he was anticipating totally for dope, whatever prompts vine in not making the guidance sign for her notice. Brett did not consider what was that one the full exchange inside the purposes of choosing pleasant for getting most of the crude materials. Essentially as with Bob, Herb always used a verbal correspondence strategy, and he was paying special mind to any created endorsement to start work. Frustration of recording decision similarly shows Herb’s guilelessness. While coming to Betty and Frank Communication Gap was the crucial issue. As ought to be evident that there was no certified research done on the meander by herb as he had done enormous speculations on contraptions without pondering the bearing or despite asking him, this can cost a colossal hit to the affiliation monetarily.