second part of assignment

  1. What did you learn about yourself as a researcher? As a writer? Anything new about yourself that you didn’t know before? Explain. What did you specifically do to help generate and propel your own learning?
  2. Discuss the challenges you faced during the researching and writing of this Annotated Bibliography in specific detail (offer examples!). Note how (or if) you overcame those challenges.
  3. Discuss key revisions made during the process of this assignment. Note key revisions with regard to researching and writing the source worksheets, including critical reading and thinking skills (think about how your source worksheets shifted/changed/grew from their first incarnations). Use specific examples and details from your work to help illustrate your revisions.
  4. Pick out one specific annotation that you think best highlights your ability to summarize and analyze/interpret source material. Note what you think works so well in that specific example.
  5. Look to the Writing Program Student Learning Goals for AWD (on page 2 of the syllabus). Highlight 3 of them that you feel you successfully worked on during this project. Aim to be as specific as you can here with these connections. Chose from here (1. Students write both to learn and to communicate what they learn. 2. Students negotiate their own writing goals and audience expectations regarding conventions of genre, medium, and situation. 3. Students formulate and articulate a stance through and in their writing. 4. Students revise their writing using responses from others, including peers, consultants, and teachers.5. Students generate and pursue lines of inquiry and search, collect, and select sources appropriate to their writing projects. 6. Students effectively use and appropriately cite sources in their writing. 7. Students explore and represent their experiences, perspectives, and ideas in conversation with others. 8. Students use multiple forms of evidence to support their claims, ideas, and arguments. 9. Students practice critical reading strategies. 10. Students provide revision-based response to their peers.11. Students reflect on their writing processes and self-assess as writers).
  6. How might this type of researching approach be helpful in other circumstances (maybe not writing out a full worksheet, but the process by which a source is fully vetted)? Projects? Co-op? Jobs? What value does it serve in helping to prepare to write a document? Explain.
  7. With SAIL in mind, how did you help to produce your own learning throughout the process of Project 1 outside of assistance from the instructor and class materials? Be specific.
  8. Using the grading criteria in the assignment prompt, what grade would you give your Annotated Bibliography? Why? Explain.