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Sociology Of Work

I will include some of the readings from the chapters for you to use. Please be sure to be persuasive . I have included papers on professional work, factory work, and service work so please read them and include some information in the writing !!! ( This step is very important)

Respond to the following in 4-5 pages

The American workforce is now largely a service workforce. Farming and manufacturing combined account for just about 25% of the all work activity. Using evidence from readings on  professional work, factory work and service work, make a persuasive argument (a persuasive argument MUST be able to hold up to counterevidence) for whether you think that the shift to a mostly service economy is positive or not.  Take into consideration issues discussed including wages, working conditions, work autonomy, the overall fate and stability of the American middle class.

Personal experiences and opinions are always welcomed, but you must provide empirical evidence from the readings to substantiate your position.

N.B. should be typed in Times New Roman 12 point.

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