technology policy

Topic: Social Media Policy

Assignment Length: 2-3 pages, double-spaced

Assignment Description: Assume that you are the city manager for a local government with approximately 5,000 employees. City employees serve in a wide variety of roles, from highly trained engineers and information technology specialists to lower graded custodial staff. In recent years, the organization has automated many of its operations and employee management processes; as a result, most employees of the city either have one or more computing stations or have access to stations in order to perform routine tasks such as timesheet entry. In addition, about 700 employees are provided with city-owned smartphones as part of their job duties. In recent years, there has been a growing concern by Council members that employees are using the city’s IT resources for personal reasons such as shopping and updating their social media pages during working hours. To address this issue, the Council has asked for you to submit a White Paper that will:

(1) identify benchmark employee technology use policies for comparably sized cities — In step #1 the idea is that you identify other city government technology use policies (in Florida or the US) and discuss the details of those, noting commonalities as well as important discussion points.

(2) provide recommendations for a tailored policy for the city — Then, in step #2 you provide me, the agency leader, with your recommendations for a substantive technology use policy based on all the data you gathered in step #1. Step #3 follows with your recommendations for how to sanction employees that violate the policy.

(3) outline sanctions for violations of the policy

Even though this is a different kind of paper (not a standard essay), INCLUDE sources on a References page and CITE those sources using APA formatting.

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