this is a continuation of my mba comprehensive exam i only need the tutor who did the first part by the name wizardtutor345

Hi I hope you good

I need you to add this last part of accounting and compile the paper as one then send it to me

This part should be around 2-3 pages only


What is the theory of constraints?

What is forecasting? Explain with an example.

What is cash budgeting?

What is variance analysis?

Describe and explain the break-even analysis.

What are the main financial statements that every organization uses (list three)?

Describe and explain the regulatory environment.

Research, define, describe, and explain the above-mentioned.

Do not type an introduction or a conclusion to this paper. This make-up comprehensive test paper should only include your research, definitions, descriptions, and explanations of the above-mentioned concepts and tools within each of the four major disciplines.

Please remember that this is only a Pass/Fail paper and that you must be thorough in all of your answers.