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Unit VII Discussion Board Question
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Explain which factors you feel most significantly contribute to a leader’s success (discuss why and refer to course content). Please use an example(s) or develop a scenario(s) to help illustrate your position.
I recently completed a training where some of these same or similar principles were being reviewed and for me, based on this week’s study notes, I believe that characteristics or principles that most deeply affect a leader’s success or failure include:
The ability to lead and understand the difference between leadership and management
The ability to create a vision and unify a team or organization around that focus
The ability to listen and empathize in the workplace
And finally, the ability to motivate others around you.
Leaders must be able to lead, and often we confuse our leaders with actual individuals in positions of power or authority. Leaders must be able to articulate a vision even if said vision is not necessarily our own and encourage others to follow needed steps in order to achieve said goal(s).
Unit VII Assignment
Throughout this course, you worked toward a course project by creating and sharing information with your colleagues and creating plans to help your organization. Your supervisor has been so impressed with your work that she has asked you to create a company-wide plan on team-building strategies. Your plan will include the following items: an introduction that includes a description of your organization, tips for goal setting and what you see as the leader’s role in helping employees reach their performance goals, ways to apply the Five Cs, strategies for effective communication, approaches to create or improve team rewards, tips for minimizing conflict, and tips for overcoming resistance to change.
BUS 3451, Organizational Theory and Behavior 3
Your plan must be a minimum of three pages in length, not counting the title and reference pages. Feel free to be creative with your plan. You may also use ideas from previous units but do not copy and paste previous assignments to create this plan. You are required to use at least two outside sources, and one may be your course textbook. All outside sources used must be cited and referenced according to APA guidelines.